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LimeWire Music

Limewire Music is a tool to search for and download your favorite music
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LimeWire Music can help you share and download different kinds of files, including, of course, music. It uses Gnutella, a type of peer-to-peer system in which there are not any servers, but people sharing contents.

The program features a nice and intuitive interface with different tabs, which allows you to go straight into the desired option. In order to find a file, you should enter some keywords and the program will come out with multiple results. It also supports advanced search options. Therefore, you can use, for instance, title, album, artist or genre as search terms. The results of each search will appear separately on different tabs, so it is very easy to move to the intended results. You can also monitor all activities of uploading and downloading data.

Besides sharing information with probably unknown people, you can also use the Direct Connect feature to share data with someone you know by providing a specific IP.

In general, LimeWire Music is a nice application. However, it took too long to connect to the network, probably due to the limitations inherent to the protocol used.

Pedro Castro
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  • It has a nice interface
  • It is easy to use
  • It lets you use advanced sharing options
  • It allows using filters
  • It allows direct connections


  • It takes too long to connect to the network
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